Loans With Installments

Installment loans are quite new to the UK and allow bad credit loan applicants to take out a loan and repay in installments of 3, 6 or 12 months. Some lenders offer different repayment schedules, but this is the most common time frames for the majority of installment lenders.

A growing panel of lenders

We have a large and growing number of lenders who will have direct relationships for installment loans and can approach any of these with your loan requests.

What are the fees and interest rates?

Interest rates start at around 200% APR and rise depending on your individual loan requirements and your credit history.

How quickly can loans be issued?

Like short term lenders loans can be processed quickly and often may installment loans are issued within the same day when there are no issues and the application is a straightforward process.

Are installment loans suitable if I have bad credit?

Yes, most lenders accept borrowers with adverse credit